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COVID 19 - english

COVID 19 - english

Our Safety Procedures as a response to COVID-19

We are delighted you have chosen to stay at Seagull Beach Resort Hurghada.
To deal with the new situation we have implemented these safety procedures to ensure the safety of our valued customers and the hotel team. We would like to inform you about the changes in the operation of our hotel and make sure your vacation is safe.
According to the instructions of the Egyptian Ministry of Health we have implemented additional measures and new protocols. Our hotel has been given the best practice guidelines, which have been supplemented with additional Covid-19 cleanliness-specific guidance, training, and information, consistent with the latest news and information from the Egyptian Ministry of Health and the World Health Organization.

1) Reception and check-in
- Sterilization of all the guest belongings before entering the reception.
- Security personnel will organize guest entry through the sterilization portal.
- The body temperature of the guests will be checked before entering the reception area.
- The registration card will be presented to the guest with full data only to be signed by the guest using a single-use pen. (all data and passport copies should be sent to the hotel before arrival)
- Check-in for groups will be organized in cooperation between the Front office manager and the travel agency to ensure social distancing and smooth check-in process.
- The guest will receive an envelope that contains the sterilized room key and a list of the hotel services and health advice.
- The concierge will deliver the luggage to the guest rooms and place them in front of the room door without entering the room.

2) Hygiene and Safety
- The disinfection procedures will be done throughout the day.
- The hand sanitizing dispensers are placed around the hotel premises.
- The hotel team was trained to avoid close contact and maintain distance.
- Senior guests will be given extra care and attention.

3) Use of public areas and swimming pools
We are strictly following the instructions of the Egyptian Ministry of Health: -
- Increase the chlorine content in the swimming pool water to 5 mg/liter, therefore it is not recommended to use swimming pools for more than one hour per day.
- The sunbeds are disinfected, as well as the areas surrounding the swimming pools, periodically during the day and after the end of the operation. The sunbeds and the tables are cleaned after the use of each guest by our recreation department and by a specialized disinfection team after the operation.
4) Restaurants and Bars
2 restaurant and 4 bars will be operating
- We have made the necessary adjustments to the way we serve the breakfast, lunch, and dinner in accordance with the recommendations of the Egyptian Ministry of Health for food safety, so the buffets have been equipped with a glass partition to avoid contamination and it will be our honor to serve you, taking in consideration social distancing.
- Body temperature will be taken before entering the restaurant.
- New setup for tables to keep distance of two meters between dining tables, and one meter between each person. Tables are available for a maximum of 6 persons.
- Cleaning and disinfecting the restaurant completely after the end of each meal using chlorine by specialized control staff.
- Serving hookahs not allowed.
- All our employees have been thoroughly trained to follow new strict guidelines, including utilizing Personal Protective Equipment, frequent and stringent hand-washing protocols. All staff in restaurants will wear gloves and a face mask.

5) Housekeeping
- Enhanced thorough cleaning protocols as per the directives of the Ministry of Health, will be implemented in guest rooms and public areas.

- Guest rooms will be fully sanitized after check out and not be entered for 24-72 hours after check-out

- Unnecessary items will be removed from guest rooms, such as decorative pillows, bed scarves, paper notepads and pens, stationary.

- For the guests and employees safety and well-being, daily or regular in-room housekeeping services will be limited and provided every 48 hours upon request.

- Hourly cleaning protocols are implemented for public key touch areas.

- Strict rules apply for Laundry and disposal of garbage .

- Beach towels will be placed in the room.
6) The Laundry
- Linen towels and pool towels are washed in high temperatures and disinfected with chlorine to avoid contamination.
7) Gym and Spa Services:
- Jacuzzi, sauna, steam and massage sessions will be prohibited.
- For the gym: complete disinfection every hour and after use by a guest .
- Entry allowed only for hotel guests.

8) If a COVID 19 positive case is discovered among guests
- The Ministry of Health and Population is notified to coordinate on isolating the case in the designated places in hospitals, according to the case, and according to its decision.