The secrets of Egypt in Cinema

Egypt has always attracted attention. It is a fascinating country full of secrets and mysteries. Its ancient history is full of events, unique people and customs. Pharaohs ruled Egypt, and each of them has its own history, many have left behind the great buildings that amaze even modern man. For hundreds of years the mysteries of Ancient Egypt were tried to guess by archaeologists. Something was revealed, but so far not all.

Secrets of the pyramids of Egypt are perhaps the most popular topics for action movies and TV shows. Filmmakers have long draw ideas for inspiration in the secrets of Egypt. Today we offer you to remember few films in which the writers and directors give free rein to their imagination on the basis of the Egyptian mysteries of Egyptian history and Egyptian wonders.


The grand film, the Oscar winner, brought the fame for Elizabeth Taylor, tells the story of Antony and Cleopatra, as well as the history of Egypt in those days.



The film tried to imagine how the Egyptian civilization grew, if people from other planets participated in it.

Star gates

Indiana Jones, Raiders of the lost ark:

Adventures of professor of archaeology takes us to Egypt early twentieth century where many groups are looking for a biblical Ark with the tablets. Again, the intersection of fiction and history, fantasy filmmakers again and again, and Egypt is full of secrets that he is not too hurry to open.


Fictional, but that does not cease to be an amazing, love story that took place through the centuries. A complete set of all Egyptian hoaxes: resurgent mummy, scarab cannibals, the Egyptian priests sinister abilities, curses the gods and pharaohs.


The expedition is going to Valley of the Kings in Luxor to find countless treasures. But this trip becomes too dangerous if the ancient mystery involved in it.


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